The purpose of these editorial guidelines is to outline the standards and expectations for all articles published on KatherineLojac.com. My core value is to produce content that is accurate, informative, and of the highest quality.

Accuracy and Quality: My Core Standards

  1. Fact-Checking: All articles, regardless of topic or complexity, are meticulously researched and fact-checked. This is the cornerstone of this publication. I use multiple, reputable sources to validate the information presented in each article as well as the personal and professional expertise that I’ve developed throughout my years as a health and wellness coach.
  2. Citation: All statistics, claims, and quotations are properly cited, and hyperlinks to the source are included where applicable.
  3. Transparency: Any conflicts of interest, sponsorship, or affiliations are clearly stated in every article where they exist.
  4. Revision: Articles are subject to multiple rounds of editing to ensure that the content meets my standard for accuracy and quality. This involves grammar checks, structure review, and most importantly, verification of all information. Revisions are not limited to initial publishing. Articles are periodically reassessed and updated with new information, products, or practices as needed to ensure that all knowledge is current and provides the best value possible.

The Role of AI in Content Creation

  1. Initial Research and Drafting: I employ advanced AI tools as valuable assets and partners in the early stages of article development. These AI tools assist in gathering information, aggregating data, and producing rough outlines.
  2. Human Oversight: While AI serves as a helpful and integral tool in the content creation process, it is crucial to note that I edit every article. I regard human oversight as indispensable in the validation of all information. Before any article is published, I scrutinize it for accuracy.

Final Remarks

Quality and accuracy are the backbone of KatherineLojac.com. Every article reflects on my reputation and serves readers. I am uncompromising in my commitment to delivering reliable and useful content.