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Do you want to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle right from the comfort of your home? With the recent explosion of home gym equipment, finding the best functional trainer for home gym owners has become an exciting yet challenging task.

Imagine seamlessly integrating a top-notch functional trainer into your daily workout routine, one that aligns perfectly with your fitness goals and space requirements. From high-end luxury functional trainers to budget friendly options, I’ve sifted through the best out there.

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So grab your workout gear and take a moment to explore these options. Your functional training journey starts here with the best functional trainers for your home gym!

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What Are the Best Functional Trainers for Your Home Gym?

The functional trainer has emerged as a must-have for many of us who struggle to squeeze workouts into our busy schedules.

Functional training exercises that only require your body weight can be helpful in a pinch. But if you’re looking to build muscle quickly and efficiently, a functional trainer is a must.

The best functional trainers will give you a full body workout in a shorter amount of time. By owning a home gym, you’ll also save on commute time (and time spent waiting for machines).

Best Value Functional Trainer: Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness functional trainer


The Titan Fitness functional trainer is a solid piece of equipment to add to your home gym. It features dual weight stacks for a total of 400 pounds (200 pounds on each side).

This versatile functional trainer comes with six different attachments so that you can get in a great full body workout.

Key Benefits

  • The Titan Fitness functional trainer comes with a long (and short) bar. You can attach the long bar to each side of the weight stacks and basically create your own smith machine for doing squats.

  • It’s made of steel which makes it durable enough to last in your home gym for years.

  • The customer service for this functional trainer is top-notch.


If you want all the bells and whistles that this Titan Fitness functional trainer offers, it’ll cost $2,499.99. If you decide to go for it, Titan Fitness does offer payment plans.

Pros & Cons


  • Save money with included accessories
  • Dozens of exercises-you’ll never get bored
  • Offers a payment plan


  • Not the best for small spaces

The con that’s probably on most of our minds is that the Titan Fitness functional trainer is pricey.

This is where the value for the money comes in. You’ll save money by never having to set foot in a commercial gym again. Plus, you won’t need to worry about buying any other fitness equipment.

The Titan Fitness functional trainer basically completes your home gym. You can do pull-ups, bicep curls, lat pulldowns, cable crunches, squats, and split squats, just to name a few.

It may not be the best compact functional trainer (it takes up a considerable amount of space). But the versatility puts this machine in the running for the best value functional trainer for home gym owners.

Best Budget Functional Trainer: Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel functional trainer


If you’re looking for a budget friendly functional trainer, Bells of Steel is a great option for you. With 160 pound weight stacks on each side, you can build muscle and get fit at home.

Key Benefits

  • The total weight of this functional trainer is 560 pounds. If your home gym is on the second floor, you should consider the Bells of Steel functional trainer. It’s one of the lighter options on the market.

  • This functional trainer comes with 2 handles which is all you need to get started as a beginner. You can always get more attachments as you progress in your functional training.

  • The Bells of Steel functional trainer has built-in hooks so you’ll have a place to store your handles.


The Bells of Steel functional trainer is priced at $1,899.99.

Pros & Cons


  • Great price for beginners
  • Weighs less so good for 2nd floor apartments
  • Good for small spaces


  • Only comes with basic accessories (2 handles)

If you’re a beginner looking to get in a good full body workout, this functional trainer will get the job done. With a total of 320 pound weight stacks, you’ll be able to challenge yourself in your functional training program.

When you compare the price with everything that you get, the Bells of Steel functional trainer offers a great value.

Besides the value for your money being a pro, Bells of Steel offers a limited lifetime frame warranty. So if anything happens to your functional trainer through normal wear and tear, Bells of Steel has you covered.

It’s always refreshing when a company actually stands behind its product.

Best Compact Functional Trainer: Rep Fitness Arcadia

Rep Fitness Arcadia functional trainer


For those of you who have smaller home gyms, the Rep Fitness Arcadia functional trainer is a good choice. The dual weight stack system holds 170 pounds on each side.

This functional trainer is slim enough to fit through a standard doorway. So no need to convert an entire garage gym just to fit this compact functional trainer.

Key Benefits

  • The Rep Fitness Arcadia has a 2:1 ratio, meaning the plate jumps will feel like 5 pounds. If you’re looking for micro adjustments of 2.5 pounds they do offer a weight stack upgrade which will also net you an extra 50 pounds per stack.

  • The cable pulley system is durable and smooth. You won’t have to worry about fighting a wonky cable with this functional trainer; you’ll just have to focus on pulling your weight.

  • The best compact functional trainer is new and improved with 32 different cable positions. So when you’re working smaller muscle groups in your shoulders, you’ll be able to target exactly what you need to.


At $1,999.99, the Rep Fitness Arcadia is one of the best compact functional trainers out there. This price point makes it a good option for those seeking a budget friendly functional trainer.

Pros and Cons


  • Small enough to keep your home gym clutter-free
  • Easy to increase the weight little by little
  • Price is budget-friendly


  • You’ll need to buy more accessories

The biggest pro for this compact functional trainer is that it can fit in most home gyms. It’s great for apartments and anywhere else where space is at a premium.

It comes with 2 standard handles but you can always upgrade later with more attachments such as the ankle cuff. (You can get in a killer glute workout with an ankle cuff! Kickbacks work wonders.)

If you’re planning on lifting heavy, then you might want to consider getting a different functional trainer. The dual weight stack goes up to 170 pounds on each side stock which might not be enough for some people. Although, you still do have the option of getting the weight stack upgrade for an additional 50 pounds per side.

If you’re looking for a high quality functional trainer that can do it all, the Rep Fitness Arcadia might be the best choice for you.

Best Commercial Functional Trainer: MiM USA Hercules EX

MiM USA Hercules EX functional trainer


The MiM USA Hercules EX is the best commercial functional trainer designed to take your home workouts to the next level.

This commercial functional trainer is the best solution for those who want to buy one piece of fitness equipment and have a complete home gym for years to come.

After purchasing the MiM USA Hercules EX you won’t need to buy anything else. Most home gym owners will want to increase the intensity of their workouts as they get stronger.

This functional trainer comes with a power cage (for all you powerlifting enthusiasts), a smith machine, and an adjustable weight bench.

You’ll need to buy the free weights but that’s about it.

Key Benefits

  • The MiM USA Hercules EX functional trainer is built to last with a lifetime frame warranty.

  • You can cancel your commercial gym membership after getting this functional trainer. It has everything you need for a full workout including a smith machine and an adjustable weighted bench.

  • The maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds. Unless you’re training for a Strong Man or Woman competition, that should leave you plenty of room to grow as a home gym owner.


This is one of the more expensive functional trainers out there at $4,975.

Pros and Cons


  • For those looking to build some serious muscle
  • All-in-one home gym
  • Easy to try different workouts


  • Pricey

At $4,975, the MiM USA Hercules EX is by no means the best budget functional trainer. It’s also not the most compact functional trainer out there.

However, it is the best commercial functional trainer. It’s built for commercial use so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear on your home gym equipment. The lifetime frame warranty it comes with gives you even more peace of mind.

Even if you worked out every single day for 3 hours a day, you still wouldn’t be putting as much stress on this functional trainer as endless streams of commercial gym goers.

Also, when I say this is an all-in-one piece of equipment, I mean you won’t have to worry about buying any more weight training exercise equipment.

The MiM USA Hercules EX comes with a straight bar, a curl bar, a barbell, a lat bar, spring clips, a built-in smith machine, an adjustable weight bench, and other accessories. All you would need to supply are the weight plates.

This is the perfect functional trainer for those who are serious about building muscle without ever joining a commercial gym. If you have the space and the budget for it, the MiM USA Hercules EX functional trainer is the one for you.

Best Mid-Range Functional Trainer: XMark Functional Trainer

XMark functional trainer


The right functional trainer can transform your home workouts, helping you build muscle quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, the XMark functional trainer is a good option.

The XMark functional trainer isn’t as pricey as other functional trainers. It comes with just enough accessories so you can still get in a solid workout.

Key Benefits

  • The XMark functional trainer comes with a variety of accessories like a tricep rope, a straight bar, and an ankle strap. So you’ll be able to keep your fitness routines fun and varied by switching up your upper and lower body workouts.

  • Looking to add in more bodyweight exercises to your routine? The pull up bar lets you do that.

  • With its dual weight stacks weighing 200 pounds, you won’t have to worry about buying additional weights for a while.


For $2,639 you get enough attachments with this functional trainer to get you started in your home gym.

Pros and Cons


  • Attachments included to get you started
  • Decent mid-range price
  • Instruction manual makes assembly less complicated


  • Might need to upgrade weight

If you’re setting up your first garage gym, the XMark functional trainer will get you started on the right track. It has a smooth and durable cable pulley system so you can focus on your workout.

It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles like other functional trainers. So if you plan on working out for years to come, you’ll probably find yourself having to upgrade some accessories.

This is the best functional trainer for home gym weekend warriors (or someone who doesn’t plan on lifting any crazy weight).

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Key Considerations

When you’re choosing the best functional trainer for your home gym, don’t just choose the best one for right now.

Eventually, you’re going to get stronger. So pick a functional trainer with weight stacks that have the capacity to challenge you for years to come.

If you enjoy a variety of workouts, get the most versatile functional trainer. Make sure you can also use your functional trainer as a smith machine. If you don’t want to invest in different attachments right away, make sure that the functional trainer you choose comes with at least two.

easy grip barbell surrounded by weights

But remember, all those attachments can get pricey. It might be a better idea to buy a functional trainer that already comes with most of the attachments that you’ll need. Package deals can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

How can the best functional trainer for your home gym benefit you?

Investing in the best functional trainer for your home gym comes with a hefty price tag. But the benefits of functional training far outweigh the cost of this piece of equipment.

If you’re anything like me, the convenience of not having to go to a public gym is convincing enough.

woman performing pullup using a functional trainer

I enjoy working out in private without having to deal with crowds during peak hours. So if you prefer to not have to wait for the functional trainer cable machine at your gym, consider purchasing your own.

Functional trainers open up a world of opportunities for diverse and targeted workouts. Can you get in a killer workout without a functional trainer? Sure.

But there are some exercises that just aren’t as effective without a functional trainer.

From working specific muscle groups to enhancing overall strength and agility, functional trainers are designed to adapt to your unique fitness goals.

solid steel dumbbells on gym floor

So you won’t have to worry about buying another piece of equipment for your home gym. (Unless you want to get fancy with hip thrust machines and landmines).

Buyers Guide: How I Conducted My Research

To make sure that I was including the best functional trainers for home gyms on my list I considered several factors:

  • Pricing: There are some functional trainers that cost almost $10,000. But that huge price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best.

  • Features: Is it just a functional trainer? Or can you also use your functional trainer as a smith machine? How much do the dual weight stacks weigh? What accessories are included?

  • Negatives: I read through tons of Amazon reviews and reviews on the manufacturer’s website to see if there were any common themes. Were there any reports of the pulley system catching? How do the features compare to other functional trainers?

  • Customer Support: When searching for home gym functional trainers, the last thing you want is to be stuck with a dud. I made sure that customer service is willing to help customers that were missing parts or received damaged equipment.

Most functional trainers will have a built-in pull up bar and other accessories such as a tricep rope. Functional trainers are built with dual weight stacks. So it’s a good idea to think about how much weight you want to push during your training.

So how do you choose the best functional trainer that fits your specific needs? I looked at 7 different criteria so that you can pick the best functional trainer for your home gym.

two men performing upright row with straps

Quality and Durability

The best functional trainers are built to last. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is your equipment breaking in the middle of your set.

I’m sure you don’t want to end up with a YouTube fail video after your functional trainer falls over on you. Also, no one wants their workout to be interrupted by a trip to the ER.


The best functional trainer will be able to adapt to different fitness levels and goals. So you can get in a full-body workout no matter what stage of fitness you’re in.

Not ready to use the smith machine on your functional trainer?

Eventually, you’ll work your way up to that. So think about getting a functional trainer that can perform more than one exercise.

full dumbbell rack in gym

Size and Space Requirements

Do you live in an apartment? Or are you more of a minimalist home gym owner?

I know that not all home gyms have the space for huge pieces of equipment. Space-saving functional trainers will be more of a priority for those of us who don’t have that much room to work with.


Look for a functional trainer that’s easy to use. Clear, intuitive instructions are a plus. You don’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to work your functional trainer when you’re trying to get in a full-body workout.

man performing cable row using functional trainer

Price and Value

The price of functional trainers fall anywhere between $400 and $10,000. You’ll have to balance the cost with the benefits.

Do you only need your functional trainer for a few different features? If so, you’ll probably be just fine with purchasing a budget functional trainer.

With heftier price tags come higher quality features such as a pulley system that runs nice and smooth.

It’s also important to consider how heavy you want to lift. Usually, the more expensive the functional trainer, the more the dual stack trainers weigh.

Brand Reputation and Warranty

Buying from a well-known brand can make your investment feel more secure. But don’t forget, there are plenty of other lesser-known companies out there with great warranties and top-notch customer service.

customer service, quality, efficiency, reliability written on chalk board

If I’m buying from a smaller company, I always feel better about protecting my money when I see that their customer service is responsive and efficient.

Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews from actual customers are a great way to steer you in the right direction. I’ve already scoured tons of reviews for you to find what stands out about each functional trainer.

Now you know what to look for to choose the functional trainer that suits your needs.

Now all that’s left is for you to start crushing your fitness goals!


Finding the best functional trainer for your home gym setup is an important step in creating the perfect fitness environment. Each of the functional trainers I researched can help take your fitness to new heights.

With the comprehensive analysis provided in this guide, you now have the insights to select the option that suits your needs, budget, and fitness goals. The top functional trainers I’ve explored each offer unique advantages, all aimed at enhancing your home workouts and taking your fitness to new heights.

Of course, budget is going to be a huge consideration. But also don’t forget to think about how long you want to use your functional trainer.

If you’re a beginner, chances are you’re not lifting any serious weight yet. But eventually, you will be stronger. So look at the capacity of the weight stacks. Make sure whichever functional trainer you purchase aligns with your long-term fitness goals.

Remember, the best functional trainer for your home gym is not merely a piece of equipment; it’s a commitment to a healthier, more dynamic you. Invest wisely, and enjoy the boundless benefits of functional training right in the comfort of your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a functional trainer worth it for my home gym?

If you want to take your fitness to the next level without a gym, then yes! Most functional trainers also come with a lifetime frame warranty so you can expect this piece of equipment to last for years to come.

What is the pulley ratio?

The pulley ratio tells you how much resistance you’ll feel as you pull the weight. Most functional trainers have a pulley ratio of 2:1. So if the weight stacks weigh 200 pounds total, it’ll feel like you’re pulling 100 pounds.

Will a functional trainer help me lose weight?

Absolutely! If weight loss is your goal, a functional trainer for your home gym will help you with that. Building muscle with a functional trainer is a great way to burn fat. Plus, a versatile functional trainer will keep you from getting bored.

Why are functional trainers important?

Functional trainers help you build muscle and up your fitness game. Building muscle is important for everyday activities such as squatting down to pick up your children or carrying groceries.

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